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SkyCore Virtual airlines is a new and modern virtual airline, flying on the latest flight simulators.

We run a 24/7 Microsoft Flight Simulator X multiplayer server for guests and registered users to use. We also have an ever-expanding fleet allows pilots to fly to every single destination in the world.

Our utilisation of SmartCARS from TFDi designs allows pilots to experience freedom with where they want to fly, with what and when. It also allows pilots to use whichever simulator they desire – FSX, X-Plane 11 or P3D. We employ a simple charter flight system with very few restrictions so flying remains enjoyable and relaxing. In addition to that, we house a kind and welcoming community over on our Discord server, with a TeamSpeak server running alongside for pilots and ATCs to use.

Our staff, or as we call them: “Community Helpers”, are from all over the globe, so our support is guaranteed. We are proud to house kind and friendly staff over on our Discord server, who help to moderate the flights and new pilot registrations every single day.


Our Twitch Stream


Thomas Johnson

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SCV0001 - Airline President

Matthew Widdowson

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SCV0002 - Director of Developments

Ben Lewis

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SCV0003 - Director of Human Resources

Ian Bazeley

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SCV0005 - Director of Human Resources

Fabian Tengg

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SCV0004 - Director of Pilot Training

We are the Community Helpers!

Ciaran Cain

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SCV0200 - Head Community Helper

Mitchell Black

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SCV0010 - Community Helper

Quinten Conil

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SCV0023 - Community Helper

Nino Saareks

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SCV0024 - Community Helper

William Claridge

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SCV0126 - Community Helper

William Schulze

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SCV0236 - Community Helper

SkyCore is the revival of MaldAir and we aim to improve and listen to the community and grow together. We have been around since the end of April and we have lots of new members joining every day.

Thomas Johnson - Airline President