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SkyCore Virtual is a virtual airline taking virtual passengers all over the world!

Over at SkyCore we always want to get the best out of our pilots, and that is why we are always working together as a team. We are continuing the legacy of the old, now retired MaldAir Virtual Airline. We are a virtual airline who's aim is to grow and take over the virtual airline industry - just like our older sister, who had just under 10,000 members.

If you would like to fly with us, feel free to register here and we'll see you in our skies!

SkyCore is the revival of MaldAir and we aim to improve and listen to the community and grow together. We have been around since the end of April and we have lots of new members joining every day.

Thomas Johnson - Airline President


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Thomas Johnson

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SCV0001 - Airline President

Matthew Widdowson

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SCV0002 - Managing Director & Webmin

Ben Lewis

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SCV0003 - Fleet Manager

Fabian Tengg

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SCV0004 - Head Community Helper & Pilot Liaison

Ian Bazeley

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SCV0005 - Human Resources

Daniel Smith

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SCV0079 - Human Resources

Mark Swan

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SCV0007 - Community Helper

Joshua Marshall

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SCV0011 - Community Helper

Nino Saareks

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SCV0024 - Community Helper

Jordan Jolenaar

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SCV0113 - Community Helper

Quentin James

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SCV0188 - Community Helper

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