Here's our Staff Team!

Come and say 'Hi!' to our staff team over on Discord. We're around 24/7 to answer your questions or to fly with you!

The Board of Directors

Thomas Johnson

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SCV0001 - Airline President

Matthew Widdowson

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SCV0002 - Director of Developments

Ben Lewis

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SCV0003 - Director of Human Resources

Fabian Tengg

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SCV0004 - Director of Pilot Training

Ian Bazeley

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SCV0005 - Director of Human Resources

If you would like to email any of the Directors, please send an email to [email protected].

Community Helpers

Ciaran Cain

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SCV0006 - Head Community Helper

Mitchell Black

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SCV0010 - Community Helper

Quinten Conil

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SCV0023 - Community Helper

Nino Saareks

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SCV0024 - Community Helper

Vincent Van Den Bossche

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SCV0031 - Community Helper

William Schulze

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SCV0236 - Community Helper

We are currently not accepting applications to become a Community Helper.